Kibby Dalton

Kibby has worked as a personal trainer for 11 years, and has owned Easton Fit4Life, LLC since March 2011. Her 40+ years of strength/weight training, bodybuilding, and nutrition expertise adds to her wealth of knowledge in the areas of health, fitness, strength training, nutrition, supplementation and wellness. Kibby and her husband have been married for 27 years, and have four adult children, a daughter in law, a son in law, and 2 beautiful granddaughters. In addition to weight training – which Kibby calls the best kept secret for anti-aging in men and women- she enjoys biking, swimming, anything on the water, and beach time (at any beach)!! She especially enjoys spending time with her clients, her friends and her most precious commodity, her family.

Kibby has lived the Easton Fit4Life lifestyle for 40 years, and loves helping others embrace the elements that can make it happen for them as well. These essential elements involve strength training, cardiovascular work, proper nutritional fueling of your body, and a personal commitment to achieving your goals and thus seeing and feeling the results. Combining these four elements on a consistent basis is the key to not only looking your best, but feeling your best and performing at your highest potential everyday. Age is just a number, don’t let that number keep you from believing you can live life optimally. When you feel good and are in better shape, it makes all the difference in your day-to- day activities. I know starting on a fitness journey can be intimidating and challenging to find the time, but trust me it is worth it when you “feel” the results and “see” the results of your efforts and commitment.

Y.O.L.O (YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE), and it is better to age well through exercise and proper nutrition than to age without that advantage working for you. Myself, or anyone of our Trainers, would be honored to help you on your fitness journey, either as a beginner or if you are someone desiring to shake things up a bit in your program, we can help no matter where you are starting from.